Design Options

There are many design options to allow you to customize the look of your wainscoting panels. Remember that we are a custom manufacturer striving to fit your needs so no job is too small and we can provide nearly any option you might require. See the image and information below to better understand our product.

Wainscot Panel Designs

There are many options for panel designs for your wainscot kit. Custom designs are also available.

Finished Paneling Height

The finished height of the wainscot is influenced by several factors including the overall size and ceiling height of the room to be paneled. Custom Millwork & Wainscoting is offered in three common heights (32″, 36″, 42″). We routinely construct custom wainscot to a customer’s specified height. Logo detailing is also available on panels.

Height of Wainscot Top and Bottom Rail

The height of the standard bottom rail measures 8″ and will accept baseboard trim from about 3″ to 5.5″ in height. Other sizes can be accommodated as needed. The height of the top rail is 4″ to which the bull nose and skirting trim are applied. Three skirting trim options are available.

Width of Raised Panels

The relative width of the raised panels within your wainscot kits should be based upon personal preference and the scale of the room. Wider panels avoid clutter and may better serve larger, more expansive rooms.

Raised Panel & Framing Profiles

The combination of framing and panel profiles will determine the sentiment of your finished paneling as a visually distinctive design element. See our raised panel profiles for more information.

Wainscot Bull Nose and Skirting

The wainscot bull nose cap molding completes the wainscot assembly, while at the same time, adding visual interest. Two-piece cap molding adds more visual weight to the top of the wainscot.

Layout and Design Notes

Areas, 8″ or less, are too narrow to accommodate a raised panel. In this instance a flat panel will be used.