Stylish Painting Techniques For Walls

There are different painting techniques that a homeowner can choose from to do their walls to add some quick style to a room. Some painting techniques can easily make a do-it-yourself paint job look like a professional one.

Before you can start any kind of painting on your walls, make sure that you are prepared. This means that you have all your supplies ready and that you have prepared the walls by filling in any cracks or holes and taping off trim and windows with blue painter’s tape. You will as well need some special tools to fulfill a certain painting technique, so be sure that you pick these up as well.

Rag Painting Technique

With the rag painting technique, you do not need to use a paint brushes or rollers. Instead, a simple rags like old shirts or any type of cotton rag are used to apply the paint to the wall. This will create a marbled effect on the wall. To rag paint:

  • Soak the rag into the container of paint and shake off the excess.
  • Tap the rag onto the wall, applying the paint in whatever pattern that you like, but make sure not to spread out the pattern too much.
  • For a more creative touch, apply a darker base and then rag on a lighter paint color.

Sponge Painting Technique

Sponge painting or sponging is a technique that is used to give a wall a depth and interest. To do this, you need to apply a base color to the wall before you can sponge paint it. To sponge paint:

  • Dip a regular or sea sponge into the paint or glaze of your choice.
  • Start from the outside of the walls and dab the sponge in a random pattern.
  • You can finish all the walls in the room this way, or choose only one wall in the room to do the sponge painting technique.

Color Washing Technique

Color washing is a technique that adds a subtle finish to the walls that gives the appearance of floating color. It is a good technique if you have a wall that has some flaws that you want to hide. It can take a little more time than other techniques as you must develop layers to get the full effect. To apply the technique:

  • Choose a base color that you want to paint in your wall, and then wait for it to dry completely.
  • If the base color is already dry, paint another layer using a somewhat different color or a complimentary color.
  • When painting the layer, use only a paint brush and apply it in all different directions, repeating your strokes so that the base color shows through in random areas.
  • If you want another color to show on the walls as well, you can do more than one layer of painting this way.

These painting techniques can be used in any room from a bedroom to a kitchen. They are a great way to immediately add some style to the walls to perk up the room.

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