Tips on Choosing the Right Paint Colors for your House

Choosing the right paint colors will enhance the features of your home. It can highlight beautiful features and disguise design flaws. So how do you pick the right paint color? Here are simple tips;

  • If you are painting an old home and want to restore the original color, you can refer to historic color charts and match the shades to the original paint color.
  • If you do not want to restore the original colors of your house and want to use more modern colors, take into consideration the neighborhood that you live in. Bold colors can accentuate the historical details of your home but you do not want your house to look weird and out of place. Choose a color that would set your house apart from the rest of the neighborhood but do not overdo it.
  • You can get ideas from the landscape of your house. Gardens and woods can suggest earthy colors. Check the color of your roof, although you do not need to match its color it has to harmonize with the rest of the colors of the house and take into consideration other structures that can not be painted such as brick walls, natural wooden doors and the steps and railings.
  • The colors of the furnishings should be your basis in choosing the colors for the interior. The interior should guide you in choosing the colors of the paint you will use for the exterior of your house. The main goal is to achieve a harmonious blend of the colors.
  • Choose at least three colors to accentuate features in your house aside from the sidings. However, be careful not to use too many colors as this will make your house overwhelming. Light or pale cream colors make your house appear bigger and dark sidings will give attention to details. Instead of using a totally different color, you can use a lighter or darker shade of the same color for the accents.
  • Remember to strike a balance for all the rooms in your house. Having colors on just one room will give it a lopsided appearance.

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